The Horned Gate: Available on Kindle!


The Horned Gate

Jake’s life sucks right now. His wife is cheating on him. His nightmares won’t stop. And something is wrong with his son. But there’s one person who can help: a living, breathing version of the guardian who has been a part of Jake’s dreams since he was a kid.

Not that Jake likes what this guardian has to say. To end the nightmares and heal his son, Jake will have to undo the wrong he committed as a teenager. But that means finding the guts to walk back through the Horned Gate, where dreams—and nightmares—become all too real.

Yes, The Horned Gate is now available as an ebook via Amazon! (It will soon be available on Smashwords as well.)

This polished version is yours to steal at just 99 cents! It’s a convenient way to read the story and to support the author (yup, that would be me) at the same time.

How different is this version from the free web serial? Honestly, not much. There are a number of tweaks and a few short additionsparagraphs, not chaptersbut nothing major. So you won’t miss out if you skip the ebook version . . . except on an opportunity to support me. (No pressure!)

Amazon US     Amazon UK

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