Meta Monday: Harry Potter & My Aro Glasses

Harry PotterThere’s this one thing about the new Harry Potter play. Yes, it’s awesome. Yes, I think everyone on the planet should read it. No, I don’t care that the book is in script form. No, I don’t care that J.K. Rowling only collaborated on the story—she didn’t write the play. I’m considering it canon regardless.

On to my complaint. No, wait. If you haven’t read the book yet and want to stay completely spoiler free, you should probably move on. I’m only going to discuss one minor plot point, and I won’t name names, but I don’t want to ruin anything for you.

Okay, still with me? There’s one relationship in this play that turns me off. Not because I don’t like the characters together, but because of the way their relationship plays out.

This relationship is a tiny part of the play, overall, so it doesn’t detract from the main storyline. But it still bothered me. Or maybe the trope in general bothers me.

Anyway, boy likes girl.(Yeah, the relationship is distressingly hetero-normative. Sigh.) Boy wants to date girl. Girl doesn’t like boy. Boy grows on girl a little. Boy anticipates spending years winning girl over. Girl is possibly okay with this.

Full disclosure: we are dealing with kids here. The boy could easily outgrow this crush. But the play seemed (to me) to imply that this is a really cute relationship. One that just might work.

I know I’ve grown up to be an aromantic. I know that traditional romantic gestures are lost on me. But is it just my aro glasses, or is this trope—the trope of having to work crazy hard to prove yourself to the disdainful object of your desire—sort of ugly?

Isn’t finding someone that you like, and who likes you back, the way to go? If you like someone who doesn’t like you back, isn’t it better to spend one day moping under your covers and then move on with your life? You know, as opposed to planning out a long-term campaign to conquer this person’s heart?

I think so. Now excuse me while I go write some fanfic in which the boy grows out of this crush and discovers a lasting love with . . . well, we can talk about my ships another time.

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3 Responses to Meta Monday: Harry Potter & My Aro Glasses

  1. I haven’t read this after I read the word spoilers but I’m going to come back to this! I’m way beyond excited to read this 😄

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  2. Jenn Moss says:

    I really enjoyed it–though a lot depends on your tolerance for ready plays! I have some friends (true fans) who were really meh about it. 😦


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