Meta Monday: Hideous, Insulting, Appalling Mistakes

MetaMondays5“I will make mistakes. I will write hideous chapters. I will post said chapters without knowing how hideous they are. I will manage to insult someone. Maybe lots of someones. I will show an appalling lack of judgment.”

That’s what I reminded myself, over and over, before I started writing under my own name. I knew all those things wouldn’t happen all the time.(Or, hopefully, all at once.) But I knew each one was a possibility. Hell, all of them happened back when I was writing under pen names! Now they would happen again—and this time everyone would know the real person who screwed up.

But I really, really wanted to write under my own name. I was tired of hiding. (Not that everyone who uses a pen name is hiding! Let me make that clear; I’m just talking about me.) Anyway, I knew I had to make peace with this fact—the fact that I would make a fool out of myself—before finding the guts to say, “Hey, look! This is the real me writing this stuff.”

I’ll be honest: it’s an uneasy peace. But I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I came out of the writing closet. And if I do screw up—if I offend someone, if I type in anger and repent at leisure, if I post a really, really bad story—the real me might as well be accountable.

No one’s ever going to mistake me for a perfect human being. I’m starting to be okay with that.

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2 Responses to Meta Monday: Hideous, Insulting, Appalling Mistakes

  1. inkbiotic says:

    It’s a brave step to own your humanness. It always feel like people won’t be able to forgive you for your flaws, when mostly people will love you for admitting them (this is what I try to tell myself anyway). 🙂

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