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Halloween Special: The Red Tavern

Special Note: This Halloween short story stands in place of the Saturday Night Special I neglected to post this past week. It also preempts Meta Monday. (It’s rude like that.) While this story can stand alone, I feel like there’s … Continue reading

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The Saturday Night Special: Delayed Until Halloween!

Happy Holidays! Continue reading

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No Thursday Crevlock Chapter This Week!

My apologies! Chapter 63 is just not ready for show time yet. It needs a few more tweaks, especially as we’re heading for the final chapters. So I’m going to take a break tonight, work on some revisions, and post … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: Wheel of Fortune

Somewhere around 593 BCE, a Jewish priest named Ezekiel—a Jerusalemite who’d been forced into exile when the Babylonians conquered Judah—was struck by a vision that has captivated western mystics ever since. It was, he said, a vision of God. Ezekiel … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: My, Richard III, What Big Muscles You Have (and That’s a Good Thing)

  I went to see Richard III at the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ (STNJ) yesterday afternoon. It’s the story of the last Plantagenet king of England—a man who lived and fought through much of the War of the Roses. He … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: Silent Shelter

Cairo coughed himself awake—deep coughs that wracked his whole body—and rolled over. Or tried to. His wrists were bound to either side of him, keeping him flat on his back. He tugged at the restraints, but they didn’t budge. Fuck. … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: The Three of Wands

There’s something almost too zen about this figure and the way he gazes out over the horizon. His back is to us, but he seems to be basking in the warm glow from either a sunrise or a sunset. And … Continue reading

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