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Tarot Tuesday: The Emperor

The Emperor: are we looking at the ultimate expression of patriarchy and toxic masculinity here? Or perhaps the tyrannical antithesis of democracy? Or is this a stable, reasonable, responsible ruler who represents the good side of authority figures? As always … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Life Beyond NaNo

Confession time: I have never successfully completed NaNoWriMo. You know the idea, right? Write your heart out for the month of November and end up with the first draft of a 50k novel. Every year that sounds like an awesome … Continue reading

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Crevlock Tower: Chapter 69

Link to Chapter Index Shoch is in the chamber. He’s leaning back against the opposite wall, as if he still needs support in order to stay on his feet. Damn it—he ought to be back in our room, safe in … Continue reading

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Blog News: Coming and Going

Hi everyone! Here’s a look at what’s coming and going from Rough & Ready Fiction: 1) No Saturday Night Special story tonight, alas. But I have one in the works for next week: a Halcrest heist fic I hope you’ll … Continue reading

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Crevlock Tower: Chapter 68

Link to Chapter Index Damn it, how much time has passed? Enough for Shoch and Itzel to complete their ritual—Gael’s right about that. If they really went through with it, though, my brother must have provided them with a bowl … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: The Two of Swords

There are two popular interpretations of this Minor Arcana card. Naturally, they flat-out contradict each other. Which is a good thing. There’s no one right way to read Tarot, and no one right way to use it for writing. Let’s … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: The Snowflake Method

I’m a dedicated outliner. Not saying I’ve never pantsed my way through a story, but things work out better when I think long and hard about the characters and plot before I start chapter one. Outlining is one thing, however—organized … Continue reading

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