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Tarot Tuesday: The Emperor

The Emperor: are we looking at the ultimate expression of patriarchy and toxic masculinity here? Or perhaps the tyrannical antithesis of democracy? Or is this a stable, reasonable, responsible ruler who represents the good side of authority figures? As always … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Life Beyond NaNo

Confession time: I have never successfully completed NaNoWriMo. You know the idea, right? Write your heart out for the month of November and end up with the first draft of a 50k novel. Every year that sounds like an awesome … Continue reading

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Blog News: Coming and Going

Hi everyone! Here’s a look at what’s coming and going from Rough & Ready Fiction: 1) No Saturday Night Special story tonight, alas. But I have one in the works for next week: a Halcrest heist fic I hope you’ll … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: The Two of Swords

There are two popular interpretations of this Minor Arcana card. Naturally, they flat-out contradict each other. Which is a good thing. There’s no one right way to read Tarot, and no one right way to use it for writing. Let’s … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: The Snowflake Method

I’m a dedicated outliner. Not saying I’ve never pantsed my way through a story, but things work out better when I think long and hard about the characters and plot before I start chapter one. Outlining is one thing, however—organized … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: The Salmon Ladder

“So this is just a January thing, right?” Danielle nuzzles her head under my arm and pushes the bowl of popcorn at me. “This new gym thing of yours?” I push the popcorn back. I know it’s supposed to be … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: Book Recs

A while back, Quintessential Editor asked for some book recs on the Tarot. I gave him two that I’ve found exceptionally helpful, and I thought that would make for a good Tarot Tuesday post. So here are the two books … Continue reading

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