I’m at the Supernatural NJ Con!

2016-11-03-21-04-37Funny story about my normally scheduled posts. I thought I could handle them while I was hanging out with friends at Creation’s Supernatural Convention this weekend. As it turns out, I greatly overestimated my blogging prowess!

Sadly, there will be no Thursday Crevlock Tower this week. (Heck, I already blew through that deadline.) Also no Saturday Night Special short story (which is ironic, since I named that feature after the Saturday Night Special concert at Supernatural conventions.) Also no Sunday Crevlock Tower post and no Meta Monday.

On the plus side, I will do my best to provide pictures from the panels, so if you’re a Supernatural fan, check back! A friend (and fellow Supernatural cult member) loaned me a real camera for this event. Let’s see if I make good use of it.

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One Response to I’m at the Supernatural NJ Con!

  1. Conventions can be a lot of fun, but draining!

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