Blog News: Coming and Going


Read The Horned Gate for free now!

Hi everyone! Here’s a look at what’s coming and going from Rough & Ready Fiction:

1) No Saturday Night Special story tonight, alas. But I have one in the works for next week: a Halcrest heist fic I hope you’ll enjoy.

2) I’ve decided to remove the free version of The Horned Gate from this blog as of Thursday, December 15th. (I’m going to make the ebook exclusive to Amazon.) So if you haven’t read it yet, check it out! You can find chapter one here.

3) We’re close to the end of Crevlock Tower now. It’s been a blast to write, although it will need a lot of editing before it’s ready for formal publication. The next web serial will be a Halcrest novel I wrote and published under the name of Miri Thompson: Brothers of the Watch. I’ve taken it off Amazon for the time being in order to revise it and offer it here:

When Lieutenant Shane Corlisa is wrongly convicted of murder—a murder he very much wanted to commit—he can blame his best friend and partner on the Watch for the damning testimony against him. Now Shane is looking at a lifetime of slavery, unless he can convince his partner to reopen the case. But that will mean facing the demons from his past, and his own reasons for coming so close to the wrong side of the law . . . .

So that’s what’s coming and going at Rough & Ready Fiction. For those who celebrate, enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend! And I’ll see you here tomorrow with a new chapter of Crevlock Tower.

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3 Responses to Blog News: Coming and Going

  1. M.L.S.Weech says:

    I’m about halfway through “The Horned Gate “(the book, not the actual gate. That would be terrifying). I’m really enjoying it so far. I didn’t even know it was free. Silly me. The upside? I don’t mind a bit having paid for this fast-paced novel.

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