Meta Monday: Thank You, My Activist Friends


Misha Collins protesting the Refugee Ban (I stole the pic from his twitter account.)

I don’t talk a lot about politics here, but I don’t hide the fact that I’m a progressive Democrat; one who’s now very much #NoBanNoWall. But I’ve never been much of an activist.

A lot of my friends are serious activists, though. (And, yes. So is my chosen Overlord, Misha Collins.😉) These friends are influencing me for the better, helping me get my feet wet with phone calls, emails and letters to my representatives. Encouraging me to make my first donation to the ACLU. (Done!) I’ve attended two political activism gatherings now. Heck, I might even work my way up to a march.

But I will probably never match these friends in activism. And while I intend to keep supporting causes like the ACLU as I can, my regular, itty-bitty donations will remain with and my own community synagogue. But I deeply admire these activist friends of mine—and I just wanted to say that out loud. (Er, write that out loud?)

So here’s to you, my friends! Thank you for standing up for the progressive values we share. Much love and gratitude!

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4 Responses to Meta Monday: Thank You, My Activist Friends

  1. I made my first contribution to the ACLU, too. I’ve always been opinionated, and I vote, but never “active”. Not sure how to change that.

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  2. Akaluv says:

    Being active isn’t a bad thing, but it’s hard to do in this busy world of ours. Kudos to those who are standing up for what is right!

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