Web Serials

This site hosts the rough and ready versions of my serial fiction. As I complete each one, I’ll revise it, edit it and then publish the more polished version as an ebook.

Please feel free to leave constructive criticism. I’m always looking to improve my writing!

Brothers of the Watch (WIP)

Originally published as an ebook under my pen name. This will be the second edition.

When Lieutenant Shane Corlisa is wrongly convicted of murder—a murder he very much wanted to commit—he can blame his best friend and partner on the Watch for the damning testimony against him. Now Shane is looking at a lifetime of slavery, unless he can convince his partner to reopen the case. But that will mean facing the demons from his past, and his own reasons for coming so close to the wrong side of the law . . . .

Link to Part One

Link to Chapter Index

Crevlock Tower (Complete)

(Began on March 7, 2016; complete)

Aric is resigned to kicking his heels in Crevlock Tower until His Majesty deigns to grant him a trial. But surviving long enough for his day in court will be a challenge. Someone—or something—is stalking the prisoners, leaving mangled corpses behind. Worse, all the evidence points to his scrawny, mute cellmate: a man with the taint in his blood . . . a man Aric has stupidly vowed to protect.

Link to Chapter One

Link to Chapter Index

The Horned Gate (Complete)

Jake’s life sucks right now. His wife is cheating on him. His nightmares won’t stop. And something is wrong with his son. But there’s one person who can help: a living, breathing version of the guardian who has been a part of Jake’s dreams since he was a kid.

Not that Jake likes what this guardian has to say. To end the nightmares and heal his son, Jake will have to undo the wrong he committed as a teenager. But that means finding the guts to walk back through the Horned Gate, where dreams—and nightmares—become all too real.

Now available as an ebook!


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