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Brief Hiatus!

As some of you know, I’m adjusting to a new job and a few other upheavals in my life–good upheavals, fortunately. I’m taking a brief vacation from posting to catch my breath and catch up with other blogs. My regular … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: Strength

The Rider-Waite-Smith deck calls this card Strength. Older decks sometimes name it Fortitude, linking it more firmly to the four cardinal virtues: Fortitude (or Courage), Justice, Temperance and Prudence. Three of these virtues (counting Strength) show up in the Major … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Go Watch The Good Place!

Go watch The Good Place. It’s a quirky, funny, twisty, thought provoking show set in the afterlife. Telling you anything else would give too much away! Trust me on this. My friend forced me to watch it without saying even … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: Six of Pentacles

There’s something ugly about this card. Look at the way the merchant measures out precisely how much he should give to two people reduced to begging on their knees. Yes, it’s a good thing to share with those in need—no … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Lost Weekend

I had four days off this past weekend. Four days!  And no particular responsibilities. That should equal lots of writing, right? Nope. I think I wrote a grand total of about 400 words–and that’s counting this post. So what happened? … Continue reading

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Um, One More Delay on Tarot Tuesday

Forgive me. I’m still too brain dead to conquer Tarot Tuesday, so I’m going to wait one more week before posting my meta on the Six of Pentacles. I blame that partly on the fact that I’m still settling into … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Help Me Tackle These Edits! (Please.)

As I’ve mentioned before, my web-serial Crevlock Tower needs some major edits before I publish it as a novel. In fact, I’m feeling daunted. For one thing, I wrote the story in the first person, which would have been fine … Continue reading

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