Short Stories


(Series Tags: Fantasy; Slave Fiction; Intrigue; Mystery; Gay & Lesbian Romance; Bromance)

Scarce Loyalty  (© 2013 Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved)

Stephan wasn’t sure how his mind caught up with what was happening, but somehow the truth seemed blindingly obvious now. This was no loyal slave he was dealing with . . . . 

The Outcast (© 2013 Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved)

Alston has a problem: how to rescue a determined abolitionist from himself, without compromising the bull-headed fool’s ideals?

~The Persian Club~

(Series Tags: Mystery; Genteel Horror; Steampunk; Bromance; Asexuality)

Wrought in Blood (© 2014, Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved.)

Zachery Rosen doesn’t need some savage stranger serving as a body guard, much less shadowing him on the streets of New York City. Why can’t he make even his own brother understand that the the danger lurks inside, behind closed doors?

~The Red Tavern~

(Series Tags: Genteel Horror; Dark Fey; Intrigue; Mystery; Bromance; Romance)

The Red Tavern (© 2016, Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved.)

So Dustin knew I was here all along. I try not to let that bother me as I slide into the booth, opposite him. And I try to ignore the way my hands feel cold and clammy . . . .

~Contemporary Stories~

(Tags: LGBTQ; Romance; Bromance; Bramance; Hurt-Comfort; Humor; Grief)

The Long Road Home (© 2014 Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved.)

Officer Nic Nocelotl knows that grief has unhinged him—and he knows that he should stay away from the Ivy League brat who caused it. But he can’t stop himself from hunting him down. One way or another, that kid will face the consequences of his actions.

The Salmon Ladder (© 2016, Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved.)

Leah’s new obsession with the gym is about health and fitness, not fat-shaming her own body, much less her girlfriend’s. Really, it is. Now if only she can convince Danielle . . . .

Guilt Offering (© 2017, Jennifer R. Moss. All rights reserved.)

Oh God. Marc rested his forehead against the bathroom sink, hoping that the cool porcelain would somehow soothe him. No luck. He was going to vomit again. Why’d this have to happen here? He hated—hated—humiliating himself in front of Scott.


~Post-Apocalyptic Stories~ 

(Tags: LGBTQ; Bromance; Bramance; Hurt-Comfort; Grief; Genteel Horror; Intrigue)

Silent Shelter (© 2013, Jennifer R. Moss, All Rights Reserved)

Cairo lost everyone he cared about to the pandemic and the gang wars that followed. When a former enemy offers him a deal, will he take this opportunity to build a new life?