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Saturday Night Special: Guilt Offering

Scott leaned back in his chair and glanced at Marc. The guy didn’t look good. His skin was some scary mash up of green and gray—as if he were about to hurl all over the card table. “Hey, man, you … Continue reading

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Brothers of the Watch: Teaser

Here’s the start of a story I published, unpublished, published again and unpublished again. Someday I’ll get it right and ready for a real run: “It was the right thing to do, Watchman.” Shane turned away from the iron bars … Continue reading

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Halloween Special: The Red Tavern

Special Note: This Halloween short story stands in place of the Saturday Night Special I neglected to post this past week. It also preempts Meta Monday. (It’s rude like that.) While this story can stand alone, I feel like there’s … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: Wrought in Blood

JERSEY CITY 1885 I stood near the mouth of the Hudson River at Communipaw, folding and refolding my hands as I waited for the ferry that would bring me back to Manhattan. Well, folding one hand. The mechanism attached to … Continue reading

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Crevlock Tower: Chapter Fifty-Seven

Link to Chapter Index Aric doesn’t stop me from leaving with his brother. He just gives me another one of those warning looks as we depart. Ruvan catches it, but he waits until we’re out in the hallway, the door … Continue reading

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Crevlock Tower: Chapter Fifty-Five

Link to Chapter Index “You look like you’re thinking too hard.” Aric is narrowing his eyes at me now. Or half-narrowing them, as if he’s not sure whether to be suspicious. He’s still lying on the bed, flat on his … Continue reading

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Crevlock Tower: Chapter Fifty-Four

Link to Chapter Index “Well, we should have a few minutes peace, at least.” Aric sighs and flops back down on his bed. I’m still at his desk. My body’s stiff now, as if I’ve been sitting here for hours. … Continue reading

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