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Meta Monday: Goody-Goody Characters Can Work

Goody-goody characters: don’t use them, I’ve been told. For a character to work, they need flaws. But two of my favorite fictional characters have hardly any. And the flaws they do have seem (to me, at least) fairly insignificant in … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: The Salmon Ladder

“So this is just a January thing, right?” Danielle nuzzles her head under my arm and pushes the bowl of popcorn at me. “This new gym thing of yours?” I push the popcorn back. I know it’s supposed to be … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: The Outcast

“We’re too old for this.” The man in the jail cell—no, make that the Aishling elf—blinked. “I beg your pardon?” Alston pulled the chair from his desk right up to the bars and plunked down. For a long moment, he … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: Silent Shelter

Cairo coughed himself awake—deep coughs that wracked his whole body—and rolled over. Or tried to. His wrists were bound to either side of him, keeping him flat on his back. He tugged at the restraints, but they didn’t budge. Fuck. … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: Wrought in Blood

JERSEY CITY 1885 I stood near the mouth of the Hudson River at Communipaw, folding and refolding my hands as I waited for the ferry that would bring me back to Manhattan. Well, folding one hand. The mechanism attached to … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Special: The Long Road Home

The kid is terrified. Good. He’s staring at a forty caliber semi-automatic that’s pointed straight at his chest. He should be terrified. And all his fancy Ivy League courses—and all his family’s fancy Ivy League lawyers—aren’t going to help him … Continue reading

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Crevlock Tower: Chapter Fifty-Seven

Link to Chapter Index Aric doesn’t stop me from leaving with his brother. He just gives me another one of those warning looks as we depart. Ruvan catches it, but he waits until we’re out in the hallway, the door … Continue reading

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