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Meta Monday: Help Me Tackle These Edits! (Please.)

As I’ve mentioned before, my web-serial Crevlock Tower needs some major edits before I publish it as a novel. In fact, I’m feeling daunted. For one thing, I wrote the story in the first person, which would have been fine … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Deadline Ahead!

The clock is ticking. I have a short story for a contest due tonight on the LegendFire forums. I may or may not make the deadline. And I’m curious, in a detached sort of way, to see if I do. … Continue reading

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Tarot Tuesday: Book Recs

A while back, Quintessential Editor asked for some book recs on the Tarot. I gave him two that I’ve found exceptionally helpful, and I thought that would make for a good Tarot Tuesday post. So here are the two books … Continue reading

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Meta Monday: Getting Grilled

If you’ve seen my social media, you know that I worship Misha Collins. He’s the actor who plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural. Yes, I occasionally remind myself that Misha’s a fallible human being, not a literal angel of the … Continue reading

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